Getting Social During COVID-19

During these uncertain times, a consistent online presence is more important now than ever. No one was prepared for this pandemic to happen, therefore, might not have had the proper online presence in place to help bridge the gap of not being open. Many businesses have shut down as a result or have had to severely alter their normal way of operations to fall in line with new (and rapidly changing) guidelines. 

During these times of social distancing, many consumers are turning to online shopping. Use this time to buckle down, upgrade, update and enhance your online presence and social media strategy. Use these tools to let your customers know whether or not your open, any changes that have occurred, new/discontinued products or services, alterations to hours, and more! With so many people spending extra time online, maintaining a consistent brand presence is essential. 

At Be Social, we understand that many of you simply don't have the time to give your online presence the attention it deserves, especially during these tough times. Instead, you are focusing on your families health, safety and your business, as you should, let us handle the rest!

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Social Media Strategy/Management 

Branding (or rebranding)

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